SEOPAN companies


Diversification and exports, together with their high technological capability and elevated financial solvency, are elements that set SEOPAN companies apart.

Within the association there are prominent Spanish multinational companies, that in many respects are located at the top of rankings among their competitors from around the European Union and the world.

Their high technical level and implementation of innovative systems of management, quality assurance, environmental management, information and control allow SEOPAN’s associates to successfully attend to the demands of any infrastructure construction project. Their presence in foreign markets is also becoming more solid, both in the execution of contracts under concessionary regimes and in the field of road, hydraulic and infrastructure services.

SEOPAN’s associates are oriented towards integral project management –including funding, design, execution, production and maintenance, which allows them to successfully deal with the challenges posed by extra-budgetary infrastructure funding systems, either with private funding or through public-private partnership systems (CPP).

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