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Traffic indicators and transactions on toll roads

Monthly Indicator July 2023 | PDF

Annual Indicator 2022 | PDF

Annual Indicator 2021 | PDF

Annual indicator 2020 | PDF

Annual indicator 2019 | PDF

Annual indicator 2018 | PDF

Annual indicator 2017 | PDF

Annual indicator 2016 | PDF

Annual indicator 2015 | PDF

SEOPAN and AEC report  “Safety on rural roads: a priority challenge for 2020” PDF

Evolution of global activity and construction by region based on local accounts | Figures for 2000-2018

Analysis of Public Investment, Ministry of Development and MAPAMA

Infrastructure construction employment and tax returns | December 2014

What do infrastructure companies think of the upcoming changes | June 2018

Infraestructures at the mobility´s service: examples of their economic impact and social benefit | March 2019

Infrastructures for the Economic and Social Reconstruction of Spain | May 2020

A.T. Kearney Report “Towards a social and sustainable road infrastructure model in Spain”  PDF

Priority Infrastructure Reports
SEOPAN AND SENER  “Priority Spanish Infrastructure Investment Analysis” PDF

SEOPAN, DELOITTE AND URÍA MENÉNDEZ  “Toward an efficient public-private partnership model” PDF

SEOPAN Press Conference Statistical Report: Construction and Infrastructure 2022-2023  PDF

Construction investment in Europe
European Commission Spring Forecast | May 2019

New SEOPAN machinery prices manual | July 2015

Fact sheets for the prevention of occupational risks in the use of computers

Volume I PDF                  Volume II PDF

UIMP conferences in Santander 2019

Presentation by Julián Núñez, president of SEOPAN: A deal for Infrastructure | PDF

EY Report

“The Spanish public infrastructure procurement system crisis: reasons for the change and 25 action proposals”  PDF

Appendix | PDF

A. T. Kearney Report | PDF

Priority areas for sustained infrastructure investment in Spain. September 2015 | PDF

The contribution of infrastructure to economic and social development in Spain. September 2015 | PDF

Building the future: infrastructure needs in Spain | PDF

Safer work with construction machines | September 2017

Report on General State Budgets Bill for 2019  January 2019

Toll roads | 2018 figures

Celebration 40º Aniversarie Spanish Constitution  Julián Nuñez´s speech

Analysis of the Public Tender in 2019 April 2020